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P card from Hellenic Bank

Cyprus bank credit card

Dear Sirs!

our company is offering p card services from Hellenic bank for our clients

what is p card and where it could be used?


P-Card for Gifts

No more having to run to the stores; no more stressing out to find the right gift.  Just purchase a P-Card at the value you have decided and offer it as the ideal gift to anyone - and for any occasion! P-Card is the preferred option to giving money or a coupon as a gift, since it is also offered in a lovely complementary package.

P-Card for Pocket-Money

Replace your children's pocket money (cash) with a P-Card.  Buy them a P-Card and let them manage their pocket money and allow them to be independent. P-Card gives them the pleasure of doing their own shopping, withdrawing cash from ATMs at any time, and making internet purchases.

P-Card for internet purchases

Use a P-Card for simple, fast, yet secure Internet purchases. P-Card is ideal for:

  • Everyone that does not own a credit card (ie people under 18-years-old)
  • Everyone who is concerned about using credit cards for Internet purchases

'P' Card's functionality overcomes the risk of a payment exceeding the available amount of the prepaid card.

P-Card for Travelling

Pack a P-Card to take with you on your travels and enjoy the easy, comfortable and secure solution to confusing and sometimes lost foreign currency. You may also give it to your children to use it on their travels.

P-Card for You

P-Card is perfect for the better management of your finances. It may be used at all venues where Visa Electron is accepted, in Cyprus and abroad, and for your Internet purchases.


You can acquire a P-Card without an application and with a 100% approval; 'P' Card's value range is €70 to €7,000 per person and it is reloadable at any time.


  • No need to have a bank account! 
  • Prepaid!

our administration fees  €70 euro per card (option 1, personal card)

Our fees include:  all administration process, pick up-delivery to the clients within Cyprus

other options, not included in option 1

for option 2 (anonymous card)  please click here


Ref. No.: P1cardhellenic
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