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Cyprus silent disco

Disco in the silence, Cyprus

We offer a high quality, Silent Disco hire service all over Cyprus. If you don't know what a Silent Disco is, then here is a brief description:

A Silent Disco involves each guest wearing a set of wireless headphones (like the ones presented in the video below) that all play the same music simultaneously and sometimes via more than one channel.

The reason it is called a 'Silent Disco' is because when observing the party without headphones on, it is very entertaining to see everyone dancing to 'Silence'. It is also very amusing when you take off your headphones and everyone is singing along to a song together with no music.

Another reason why Silent Discos are becoming so popular, is due to the fact that you can have a party without disturbing other people, such as neighbours or children and therefore you can party wherever you like and until whenever you like, completely carefree.

Our headphones have 2 separate channels, meaning that you will have 2 types of music to choose from all night long. This would be great for events with different age groups, nationalities and general taste in music. The headphones also have built-in disco lights that flash in Sync with the music, which creates more of a party atmosphere and have a working distance up to 150 meters in an open space.

Silent Discos are perfect for all types of parties, weddings and corporate events and an experience that you will never forget!

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