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Exit factor

Quest in Limassol

Want to develop as a person? The least you can do?

Get involved in team building

"There are at least two kinds of games.  One would be called finite, the other infinite.  A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, and an infinite game is played for the purpose of continuing to play.  The rules of a finite game may not change; the rules of an infinite game must... The finite game player aims to win eternal life; the infinite player aims for eternal birth." - James P. Carse, as quoted by Dale LeFevre*

How can someone dislike collaborative games or activities??? First of all,  group orientated games, allow you not to care about the result, the winner nor the looser.!! They focus on participation, challenge and fun while providing the opportunity to enjoy any game through physical interaction between members. Also they are extremely beneficial for developing human interpersonal skills.

Always felt that you were not exactly the most creative person? Well.. team building is the answer to your problem!!Groups stimulate creativity. As the old adage says: "two heads are better than one." specially when it comes to problem-solving. Group problem solving are more committed to the solution, through exchanging or combining ideas, trying and experimenting with various solutions, which results individuals to be more satisfied with their performance within a group game. Throughout small-group interactions a creative process is being develop, where people reflect upon each other, share their way of thinking and reply to the diverse responses within a game. However, group activities enable individuals to add their own skills and ideas. This exchangement helps accepting diverse people, and decisions within a group, while understanding that people have different abilities.

Have you ever thought that you are self-orientated as a person? Do not really fancy spending time with people and socialising? Maybe a bit stubborn about your own opinions and ways of doing things?  Have you ever tried to change this while having fun or  doing something you really like? The collaborative nature of team building, also enhance social relations and defeat social exclusion by ingraining individuals into situations where they need to communicate with others. Also team players are less likely to feel isolated since games require spending time with a variety of people, which allow developing relationships among teammates, being less selfish and more considerate with other people. 

Also through team buildings people can develop their self-esteem and skills. The players receive encouragement and praise for their efforts irrespectively from the result. Dealing with disappointment strengthens people to be the best they can and accept challenges while learning the importance of healthy perseverance for personal development. This can have a powerful and positive effect on human level of confidence.

Lastly, there is evidence to suggest that collaborative physical activities might increase numeracy and literacy while developing goal-orientated thinking. So as the older use to say 'A healthy body, a healthy mind'. Can you disagree that a healthy mind is a creative individual that respects diversity, learn from others, develop through mistakes, feels happy for him/her self irrelevant with his abilities, try to be better, enjoys challenges and knows that having fun is all that matters? I don't think so!!

For all the above reasons EXIT FACTOR encourages you to book for you, your friends or kids, a slot in our quest-rooms and enjoy the pleasure of a group activity while having fun.

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