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From Cyprus to Russia, winter fairy tale

From Cyprus to winter Russia, Karelia

Snowmobile tour to the fairy tail

Duration of the tour: 3 days/2 nights.

Arrival period: February- March (Friday - Sunday)

Snowmobile safari in the Karelian Taiga! This is an opportunity to see Karelia from a new angles and get the adrenaline with loads of unforgettable impressions. Ride through unknown paths and try yourself in the role of a pioneer!

Tour program:

Day 1. Welcome to Karelia!

Meeting tourists at the railway station in Petrozavodsk.

You will take a short (50 km) journey to the cultural capital of Karelia to the city of Kondopoga.

Breakfast. Accommodation in the Karelia Hotel.

Set-off to the start point. Meeting with an instructor. Safety briefing. During a snowmobile safari on the Onega Lake you will have an opportunity to see the famous Uspenskaya Church which is the swan song of the Nordic wooden architecture that was built in 1774.

You will make a stop at the natural water source which is famous for its long lasting storage period (water does not spoil and does not bloom).

Route (Tokarska quay - Uspenskaya Church - Podgornaya village - Tokarska quay) of 28 km which takes 3 hours.

Return to the cosy Karelia Hotel.

After late dinner, we invite you to explore the city of Kondopoga. During the walk we'll see architectural masterpieces of the Northwest - two Palaces: the Palace of Arts and the Ice Palace. We would stop at the street carillon clocks (there are only four of those in Russia and two of them are in Kondopoga). We'll listen to melodic tune of unique Bell Tower with 23 Northern Bells.

In the evening travellers gather in a Saam chum on the Bank of the Onega Lake which is 300 metres away from the Karelia Hotel. Bring along your sense of humor, wit, great mood and vocal. Sitting on the deer skins in front of a bright campfire , we will have a rest Karelian way: Let's dream, sing, play together.


Day 2.Be brave to go further, to woods, through the ages!

After a breakfast we meet with an instructor in the lobby of the hotel. Set-off to the start point. Meeting with the instructor. Safety briefing. Today we are going to have a journey in the Karelian taiga.

During the journey you would enjoy a view of a hoarfrost laces on the branches of the centuries-old pines, visit old Karelian villages of Lychniy Island, Tivdiya, Yershi and Belaya Gora.

Take a photo against the background of the Saints Peter and Paul Church, that was consecrated in the year 1620. This is one of the earliest cathedrals of Prionezhsky school that is still in existence.

If possible, you would summit the marble mountain to take unique bird's-eye view photos of the surrounding areas. From the Belaya mountain you will discover a stunning panoramic views of the wide open spaces of the Karelian taiga.

Pink marble quarry for Isaac in St. Petersburg started in 1768.Pink marble was used for a Winter, Marble, Mikhailovsky and Mariinsky Palaces, for Engineers' Castle and the Kazan Cathedral.

Get acquainted with the ruined in 1856 Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan designed by the architect Konstantin Tone who was the author of the main cathedral of Russia - The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

While we camped down you can have some hot tea, which is particularly tasty outdoors. Instructor will teach you how to make a fragrant tea with a freshly cut tree stump.

Route (Sandalskaya quay - Cape Korbilahta - Purist Bay - Gayma - Svetuha rock -Lychniy Island - Yershi village - Tivdiya village - Belaya Gora village - Cape Lojguba - Gabozero - Surga village - Sandalskaya quay) of 115 km which takes 7 hours.

Return to the Karelia Hotel.


Day 3.The waterfall in the pearly lustre...


Would you like to feel the national charm of Karelia?! Visit a workshop to experience the unique Finno-Ugric culture.  With a melodious sound of the kantele you will learn about the birth of this ancient instrument. You will try to play it yourself by touching very carefully with your fingertips a many-stringed box. Participate in a Finnish Letkajenkka dance with your friends.  Make a doll-talisman - Traveller on the road.   One for the road you'll bake a kalitki - the traditional Karelian pies of rye flour. Inhaling the smell of hot freshly baked bread, enjoy some tea with toasty masterpieces.

Once the workshop is done we are heading to pack our luggage and getting ready for departure.


We will see another highlight of Karelia - we are heading to the Kivach national park. We will see the eponymous unique plain Kivach waterfall. We will visit a Museum of nature, will see the grove of the Karelian birch. Check out the souvenirs made of the karelki which is the most expensive of an ornamental wood.

Later on we arrive to Petrozavodsk to walk through the quay of the Onega Lake decorated with sculptures of the sister-cities of other countries (Germany, France, Finland) and gifts from cities of Russia. The quay of the Onega Lake is an outdoor museum and is the only Museum of the avant-garde sculpture. As a memento of Karelia we will take a photo of the statue of Peter the Great, with the most beautiful image of the great emperor. On the wish tree let's whisper the most cherished and secret dream and let it happen...

5:30 p.m. - Transfer to the railway station of Petrozavodsk. Bon voyage! Have more exciting meetings with the Republic of Karelia!

 Joined group of up to 8 persons.Possibility of several teams alignment.

Tour price per person with accommodation in a double room including a snowmobile rent: 690 euro per person.

The tour price includes: accommodation at the Karelia Hotel(5, Lenina Square, Kondopoga) in a double rooms with a private facilities in the room; snowmobile rent fee; fuel, oil and lubricants fee;Food:  3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 snack during the route ; 2 dinners, snowmobile safari (28 and 115 km); equipment rental (one piece snow suit, helmet, gloves); the instructor's work; animation program in the Saam chum; 4 workshops (Kalitka, Kantele, Letkajenkka, doll-talisman); sightseeing tours (Uspenskaya church, Kondopoga city tour; Kivach waterfall, Museum of the avant-garde sculpture, the quay in the city of Petrozavodsk); transfer included in a tour program.

If you are a solid team, we can organize tours at any time convenient for you. Snowmobile Safari or a ski trip to Kizhi Island is only possible in case of a specific weather conditions. (Subject to extra charge).

The Company reserves the right to change the order of provision of services without reducing of their volume.

not included:

visa fees

- flights to Karelia and back

- public transport (1 subway ride is 1 euro per person)

- luggage service

- additional expences non mentioned in the program

-personal expences

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