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From Cyprus to Kazan, heart of Russia

From Cyprus to Kazan

special tour package 3 days/2nights

The period of prices validity from May to October


Meeting at the railway station

Day 1


1 hour


4 hours

Kazan city tour: explore the Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda (Old Tatar Village), learn traditions and culture of the Tatar people; excursion to the Galiaskar Kamal Tatar Academic Theatre; excursion to the Museum of G.Tukai; visiting of the Mardjani mosque (the oldest mosque of the city- tickets are included); visit to the Kaban lake, learning its history and legends; excursion to the Millenium Park, IT Park; excursion to the Orthodox holy places of the city: Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, The Epiphany men's monastery of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God; we will visit the Freedom Square and the historical streets of the city.

The Kazan Kremlin tour (tickets are included): walking tour through the Kul Sharif Mosque, famous leaning tower of Söyembikä, the Governor's House and the Cathedral of Annunciation; we will visit famous Khan's fortress and will find a secret key at the bottom of the Secret tower. These are the landmarks dating back to the ancient times...

1 hour


1 hour

The Art of Knotting a Scarf workshop. This workshop provides the fair sex with an opportunity to try on the image of the Beauty of the East. Men will have a chance to turn into a Desert Kings by tying the keffiyehs (men's headwear popular in Arab countries).


Transfer to the hotel


Free time


Day 2



Breakfast in the hotel

6 hours (including lunch)

Excursion to the isle town of Sviyazhsk. The pearl of the history and culture of the Republic of Tatarstan. An ancient fortress built in the middle ages during the reign of Ivan the Terrible that served as a military outpost in the Volga region and was a resting place and a place for preparation of military units for the siege of the unassailable fortress of Kazan. Isle town of Sviyazhsk is famous for its history, for the spirit of Orthodox culture, for the beauty of the natural and architectural landscape. On the island you can visit the unique monasteries: the Holy Dormition Monastery of Sviyazhsk and the St. John the Forerunner Convent with the most ancient Church of Tatarstan. Besides, we will visit a history museum of the isle town.


Free time


Visit to the aquapark (subject to extra charge)

Riviera aquapark is the largest water park in Europe with an area of over 20,000 square meters. There are 50 rides, pools and rivers, SPA area, children's complex operating in aquapark.


Day 3



Breakfast in the hotel.


30 min

Walking tour through the Peterburgskaya street. Peterburgskaya street continues the Kazan Arbat situated on the Baumana street. In the Soviet years this street bore the name of revolutionary Sverdlov. In other words street named after one revolutionary Bauman turned into the street named after another rebel. Today so-called Arbat (some people like to call it  Broadway) is connected by the underground walkway with one of the most famous streets of Kazan - the Peterburgskaya street. In the underground walkway you can find entrance to the Tukay Square metro station. Here you will learn a lot about Peter the Great. You will learn how Catherine the Great went on her journey down the Volga. You will find out some facts about Gumilev and will walk along the Nevsky prospect of Kazan. Nowadays a unique zoo is situated on that street.

1 hour

Tatar Kalyapush interactive program. Tatar artists' performance is held outdoors under the patterned tent. Here you will listen to their vocal, watch their dances, learn some of the folk instruments. You will practice in Tatar language and learn some dance movements!

1 hour


4 hours

Raifa Monastery of the Mother of God. 30 km away from Kazan on the shore of a beautiful lake, among the woods, behind the white-stoned walls lies the Raifa Monastery (from Hebrew Raif means Saved by the God). You will see all the magic of the reserved forest and the story of building of the monastery will plunge you into the unknown history of Kazan land.

On the way back you will visit the Temple of All Religions


Transfer to the railway station


Completion of the tour.

Tour price with accommodation in Bilyar 4* hotel situated in the city center 10 minutes away from the Arbat and Baumana street. The hotel is designed in the national Tatar style, net value:


Tour price per person starting at, (USD):

10 +1


15 +1


20 +2


30 +3


40 +4


The tour price includes: accommodation in double rooms, 2 nights, 3 breakfast, 3 lunches, transportation and guide service program, entrance fees to sites, The Art of Knotting the Scarf workshop, Tatar Kalyapush interactive program.

not included:

visa fees

- flights to kazan  and back

- public transport (1 subway ride is 1 euro per person)

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