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Baby Swimming Lessons EXCLUSIVE!

Swimming lessons in Cyprus

The first Baby Swimming Lessons and Swimming Lessons for Toddlers in Cyprus "Aquababies"

We hope to be the first call for toddler and baby swimming in the areas in which we operate. We offer reasonably priced, good quality, flexible baby swimming courses. Adults will learn how to teach their children to swim correctly and children will learn the foundations of future swimming, water safety and confidence techniques in a safe and clean environment.

Our baby swimming lessons develop strength, stamina and agility. Through correct training babies can learn to respect and love the water, happily swimming above and under the water.

All babies are born with the natural ability to hold their breath underwater. This is known as the “mammalian diving response”. This natural reflex is not something we rely on. We would prefer to teach the children to hold their breath in a relaxed manner, this forms part of the Aquakiddies/Babies baby swimming class structure in order to help your child gain confidence in the water.

From as young as 6 weeks, babies can begin breath holding exercises using word association, thus learning to control their natural instinct to hold their breath when their faces make contact with water.

It is important for a child to enjoy their baby swimming classes and to feel that the experience is fun, so our classes are taught with the emphasis on playing and training at the same time.


As well as the very obvious benefit of improving potentially lifesaving swimming skills, there are numerous additional benefits of early swimming for babies. Perhaps the most important of these is that the vast majority of babies and young children love water and swimming. Water is a great equaliser and swimming for babies is the perfect way to utilise this element. Babies in particular can achieve much more in the water than they can on dry land and children love the feeling of being in the water. 

Swimming is the only sport that we can all do from the moment we are born until we are old and grey. By introducing the breathing exercises that are taught in our swimming for babies program, heart and lung output increases, increasing cardio vascular activity that in turn leads to increased stamina. A very welcome benefit of swimming for babies for parents is the improved eating and sleeping patterns that are usually experienced by the babies.

Swimming for babies introduces many different forms of socializing for the children and their parents. Our swimming lessons for babies introduce activities where the children learn to share, take turns, to accept disappointments and to celebrate achievements. Children also learn to trust and respect people and their environment.

All our classes are divided into groups for babies or toddlers at a similar stage. They are divided as follows:

Baby Swimming

new born-12/13mths

Toddler Swimming

ages 1 to 4 years (approx)

Babies Stage 1 (B1)

Toddlers (T)

Babies Stage 2 (B2)

Advanced Toddlers (AT)

Advanced Babies (AB)



(B1) If your baby is a complete beginner, has never done any swimming before and is up to 1 year old, you will need to go into the swimming for babies stage 1

(B2) When your baby has completed stage 1, you will need to progress into swimming for babies stage 2

(AB) Once your baby has completed swimming for babies stages 1 & 2, or if your baby is under the age of 1 year and is comfortable with going into & under the water, then you could progress to advanced babies stage 3

(T) If your baby is over 12 months, a new swimmer or an existing swimmer, then your child will need to go in to our Swimming Lessons for Toddlers.

(AT) If your baby is very confident in the water, is comfortable with submersions and your teacher feels she/he is ready, they will need to go in to the Advanced Swimming Lessons for Toddlers. The teacher will advise you if your child is ready for this stage.


Limassol : St Raphael Hotel (Serenity Spa swimming pool)

All other venues will be added shortly to include Nicosia, Larnaca and Paphos areas

Prices are on request

Ref. No.: Consbabyswim
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