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Waterpark Fassouri+pool party

Enjoy a magnificent afternoon at our water park, a teambuilding experience you will not forget. Teams will be split and sent to various locations around the water park to compete against each other. Some Team Building activities will be:

Wet shopping race!

For this game you need to divide your group into 4 teams. Each team should consist of at least 6 people. The wet outfit race takes place at the orange bubble. On the bubble you will find four sets of clothes: a hat, two t-shirts, two shorts and socks.

First player from each team climbs to the top of the bubble and wears the wet hat, comes back down takes the hat off and gives it to the next team player. The second player climbs up the orange bubble and wears the first wet t-shirt comes sliding down the orange bubble and hands both the wet hat and wet t-shirt to the third player. The game continues like so until all clothes have been collected from the orange bubble!!!

First team to complete the task wins!!! Let us just warn you!! This is no easy task!!!

Leap frog race!!

This game takes place at the activity pool! For this game you need to divide your group into 2 teams. Each team should consist of 12 players. We then dive each team to 2 teams: 1A and 2A and 1B and 2B one team of six (1A) stands on one side of the pool and the other team of six (2A) stands opposite the team on the other side of the pool.

Teams 1B and 2B do the same as team A First players from teams 1A and 1B jump on the first log and lie down on it. The second player of 1A and 1B must them climb over the first log and the first player to the second log and also lie down on the log. This continues until all player from team 1A and 1B are lying on the logs. Once all 6 players are on the logs the first team players from teams 1A and 1B must climb over all 5 logs and team players lying on the logs to get to the other side of teams 2A and 2B. Second players of teams 1A and 1B do the same. The game continues until all players from both teams have crossed over. Once teams 1A and 1B cross over teams 2A and 2B must play the game just like teams 1A and 1B played.  First team to cross over wins!! This is a fantastic game with great fun and lots and lots of laughter!!!

Mat Racer!

For this game we need to use the Mat Racer slide!! Anyone can play this game no teams needed.  Each time consists of 6 players 1ST Player finishes wins!!!


After all the fun and excitement you will enjoy a Pool party which will include finger food unlimited drinks and a D.J to entertain you during the night away.

During the night the winning team will also be announced



              Transfer in a luxurious air-conditioned bus


              English speaking hostess

              Team building activities

              3 soft drinks during team building activities

              Coordination of the day

              D.J for pool party

              Unlimited Local drinks for pool party



              To offer Trophy/Trophies to the winning team/teams either after the end of the event or during the Pool Party

Ref. No.: incentivefassouri
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