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For interesting night out we can arrange a dinner in a traditional Cypriot setting, in Avgorou museum

Participants depart from the hotel in air-conditioned coaches. 15 minutes before arriving at the village, one or both coaches will pretend to break down. The drivers gesticulate with their arms and throw their hats on the ground to demonstrate the situation. As the participants disembark from the coaches a fleet of Old a Village bus passes by and accepts to take them to the Avgorou Museum. Maidens in traditional costumes will welcome you with rosewater and flower petals and offer a glass of Commandaria (optional). Traditional Cypriot music and dance is performed while participants take their seats at long tables set up at the square. (Optional) In the center, a lavish catered buffet to be enjoyed with excellent wines, all under open sky. An 2 piece band takes over and starts playing international favorites to which the participants are then welcomed to dance.



·         Transfers in luxurious air-conditioned buses

·         15 minutes one way transfer with the village bus

·         Welcome cocktail (Commandaria or Ouzo or Orange Juice)

·         Dinner with drinks package (1/2 wine or 1 Soft Drink, ½ water, coffee)

·         English speaking guide

·         Organization and administration of the event

·         Electricity and sanitary services

Price is on request



·         Rental of dance floor 

·         2 Maidens in Traditional costume with rosewater and flower petals 

·         Folkloric troupe, musicians and dancers 

·         Break down experience with Village bus 

·         Lady preparing Loukomades (guest will be able to eat the Loukomades) 

·         Lady making Halloumi cheese (guest will be able to eat the Halloumi) 

·         Wine tasting

·         Candle Maker (Guest will be able to purchase the candles) 

·         Camera man or Photographer to take pictures of the event

·         Children’s Choir 

·         Traditional Cypriot costume 

·         Traditional Cypriot costume (the day before the Cyprus night we can arrange a lottery of names from the group. The clients will draw names out of a bowl and these individuals will wear the traditional Cypriot costume for the Cyprus night. This can be arranged for 30-35 pax where ½ will be men and the other ½ woman. The group with the Cypriot costume will arrive earlier to the venue where they will be given Cypriot dancing lessons with our professional group of dancers. The group will greet the crowd upon arrival and during dinner, they will perform what they have learned 

·         Decoration of the village square with, small flower pots, lanterns of various sizes and metal stands carrying fire pots. Three spots with handicrafts – sacred icon and clay pot artist, and pumpkin engraving, complemented with a traditional chair, rugs, flowerpots and small lanterns. A traditional mini market set-up with delicacies and an actual seller preparing halloumi cheese. Hay cubes, lanterns, oil lamps, and a backgammon set-up with traditional chairs to further set the scene. Table’s decoration, with a fresh flower steel pot.


PLEASE NOTE: licenses of using Avgorou Museum is depending from the village authorities




Meze Menu

Cold Appetizers

Village salad, Village yogurt

Tahini, Olives with garlic and Coriander, Taramosalata

Hot Appetizers

Haloumi Cheese with tomatoes, Scrambled spring onion leaves with eggs

Vegetable delicate, Stuffed mushrooms with feta cheese with peppers, Sausage

Main dishes

Chicken Souvlaki, Pork Souvlaki, Sieftalia, Lamb Kleftiko, Fried potatoes with herbs


Selection of home made Dessert

Fresh seasonal Fruits



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