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Cyprus night at Carob Mill Restaurant

CYPRUS NIGHT at Carob Mill

The Carob Mill is located in the restored factory building next to the medieval castle in the old part of Limassol. In former times, it was the factory for Carob syrup; today it is a very traditional museum reconditioned with stones and visible carriers, showing the meaning of the Carob its important component and different products. Here you will have the opportunity to discover and savor the local Cypriot specialties with numerous dishes of the Meze, to be enjoyed with a selection of excellent local wines. An unforgettable night of traditional music and dance from the island, presented by a troupe of dancers performing. You may even be invited to participate.


·         Transfer in Air-conditioned buses

·         Russian speaking assistance

·         Welcome drink(Ouzo or Commandaria)

·         Full Buffet with drinks

·         Folkloric music and dance performance

Price: from € 72 per person with unlimited local drinks



·         Traditional Villages buses€ 10.00 supplement per person

·         Lady preparing Loukomades (guest will be able to eat the Loukomades) €150 for group

·         Wine tasting €5.00 per person

·         Camera man or Photographer to take pictures of the event€ for the group 300 euro

·         Aphrodite and Nymphs traditional welcome of rosewater and flower petals by maidens in traditional costume €1328.50 for the group

·         Decoration: Decoration of the dining area with, lanterns and metal stands carrying fire pots, traditional rugs, flowerpots and baskets. Table’s decoration, with pulses and candle pots. €4528.50 for the group

·         Traditional Cypriot costume (the day before the Cyprus night we can arrange a lottery of names from the group. The clients will draw names out of a bowl and these individuals will wear the traditional Cypriot costume for the Cyprus night. This can be arranged for 30-40 pax where ½ will be men and the other ½ woman. The group with the Cypriot costume will arrive earlier to the venue where they will be given Cypriot dancing lessons with our professional group of dancers. The group will greet the crowd upon arrival and during dinner, they will perform what they have learned. €54.00 per person (including the extra transfer )




 Village Salad - tomatoes, onions, cheese Fetta - marinated mushrooms - Potato Salad

 Beet salad - grilled vegetables, pickled vegetables - green olives

 Caviar - tahini (sesame paste) - hummos (chickpea paste) - talaturi (cucumber with yogurt, mint and garlic)

 Marinated octopus


 Fetta and hallumi (traditional Cypriot cheese) - smoked ham - salami with pepper


 lemon and olive oil

 vinegar and olive oil


 Sheftalia- pork skewers

 Cypriot sausages - chicken kebabs

Hot traditional dishes

 Traditional moussaka (a casserole with meat and vegetables) - beef stew (in wine vinegar)

 Baked potatoes - purpura (wheat porridge)

 Vegetable rolls - Ravioli with cheese

 Meat balls with cumin in tomato sauce

Curvery corner

 Leg of lamb in menthol sauce 


 Loukoumades (Cypriot traditional donuts in sugar syrup) - buklava (oriental sweets) - mahalebi (milk pudding)

 Anari (cheese with honey and carob syrup)

 Various Cypriot sweets

 Fresh fruit - Vanilla Ice Cream

 Sweet fingers - purekiya (sweet cakes with cinnamon and Anari)

 Kahlo Prama (manna) - halva

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