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Activity 3 - Cactus fruit picking

Activity 3

Note: It is important to know that this activity requires a certain level of mental toughness due to the intense heat during this time of the season as well as the fact that no matter what precautions are taken, some thorns will eventually reach at least some part of the picker’s body or extremities.

Summary: Cactus fruit picking, skinning and made ready for consumption

Availability: Usually from the end of July until the end of October

Capacity: Up to 250 participants


The group will be transported to the farm where they will be divided into teams depending on the size of the group. Following a brief demonstration, each team will be given a large plastic bucket which they will have to fill-up with cactus fruits along with special gloves to offer them at least some protection from the vicious thorns which cover both the cacti as well as their fruits. During the demonstration, the teams will be taught how to spot which cactus fruit are ripe, juicy and ready to be consumed and how to effectively harvest them avoiding the millions of thorns which cover them.

Upon filling-up their bucket, each team will proceed to the cleaning station where they will be shown how to get the tasty fruit out of the harsh and thorny exterior. Once the fruit has been cleaned and put in containers, it will be refrigerated or put on ice so that it may be enjoyed during the ensuing cocktail and tequila party.

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