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Activity 2 - Black olive picking

Activity 2

Summary: Black olive picking for the production of olive-oil

Availability: Usually from the middle of October until the end of January

Capacity: Up to 500 participants


The group will be transported to the farm where they will be divided into teams depending on the size of the group. Following a brief demonstration on the harvesting methods, each team will be given a large basket which they will have to fill-up with olives which will later be used to make olive-oil. Most of the members of the team will be collecting olives by hand and a few of them may even be handed small tools as well and they will be taught on how to use them.

Upon filling up their basket, each team will choose one representative who will be escorting their collected crop to the mill where it will be squeezed to produce oil. Depending on the size of the group, arrangements may be made for all participants to travel to the mill in order to receive a demonstration on the methods and techniques used to produce olive oil. It usually takes a few hours for olive oil to be extracted from olives, mainly because the mills are over-loaded with business. Thankfully we will have the equivalent amount of olive oil that would have been produced from the olives collected, already bottled so that members of the group may take their labor’s worth of olive oil back home with them.

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