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Activity 1 - Green olives-picking & preparation

Activity 1

Summary: Green olives picking & preparation for consumption

Availability: Usually only during the October

Capacity: Up to 500 participants


The group will be transported to the farm where they will be divided into teams depending on the size of the group. Following a brief demonstration on the size and quality of the olives suitable for consumption and on how to pick them, the members of the group will be handed 2 separate containers (glass or plastic according to your requirements) which they will have to fill up with olives. Two containers will be used since the olives will be processed and prepared in 2 different ways. Upon completion of the collection process, the teams will take turns moving to the processing stations where they will treat their olives in the traditional Cypriot way.

The first method of preparation, indicative of the vast majority of olives served in traditional Cyprus restaurants and taverns, is to crash them slightly using a cleaned stone from the sea and to place them back into their container in a solution of water and a big amount of salt.

The second method, which is better suited for olives of a larger size, is to make 2-3 incisions along the long side of the olives using a sharp knife and to place them back into their container in a solution of 50% highly salted water and 50% vinegar.

It is important to note that the olives are not yet ready for consumption since the processes described above aim to remove the natural bitterness of olives as they are harvested from the tree. Therefore, once the entire procedure has been completed, the teams can take the olives prepared and store them in a cool and dark place for a minimum of 8 days after which they ought to be ready to be served


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