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Exclusive Teambuilding in Cyprus

Cyprus, interesting teambuildings

Valued associates,

Over the past few years team-building and group tourism has gradually been standardized and encaged within molds which do not allow for creativity and ingenuity to be expressed.

At Gloria Travel Services, we continuously strive to create new and imaginative programs which greatly divert from the monotonous established practices prevailing in this sector of the tourist industry. As a result, we came up with a variety of programs which will take your groups away from the comforts of their hotels, restaurants and other familiar and ultimately boring establishments by introducing them to entirely different surroundings and scenarios.

In this presentation, we will introduce to you to a number of activities which are nothing like what you have been used to presenting to your clients. Some of them will be quite pleasant and some of them will require a little bit of courage to endure some pain but we promise you that none of them will be boring and above all they will induce feelings and memories which will by no means be easily forgotten.

Common GroundLocation: all cities
Glory wayLocation: all cities
Activity 1 - Green olives-picking & preparation
Activity 2 - Black olive picking
Activity 3 - Cactus fruit picking
Activity 4 - Fig picking for the making of sweets
Cocktail Party & Barbeque
Teambuilding at the winery 3 optionsLocation: Limassol
NEW!!! Pioneer camp in CyprusLocation: all cities
NEW!!! Golden eye Location: all cities
NEW!!! MafiaLocation: all cities
NEW!!! AfricaLocation: all cities
NEW! Night run in CyprusLocation: all cities
New! Lord of the ringLocation: all cities
Lets meetLocation: all cities
Building baloon's wallLocation: all cities
New! Building your own empire in CyprusLocation: all cities
Photoshop by hands in CyprusLocation: all cities
New! Mexican party in CyprusLocation: Protaras
The Game ESCAPELocation: Limassol
Treasure City HUNT Location: Limassol
New! Murder Mystery DinnerLocation: Limassol
Quest rooms in LimassolLocation: in Cyprus
Gourmet master chefLocation: In Cyprus
Exit factorLocation: in Limassol
Magic and Mistery treasure huntLocation: in Larnaca
NEW! Ghost Castle in CyprusLocation: Troodos Mountains
New! Corporate FUN gamesLocation: all cities
NEW! Chef-style Cooking CompetitionLocation: all cities